Sunday, 15 January 2012

Attitude Inc Design

A few months ago Attitude Inc arranged a shirt design competition. The winning design would be printed and sold over the country. My friend Darman and I decided to work on a design together. In the final design, Darman had designed the type and I had drawn up the clowns. Darm wasnt very confident to use photoshop so I finished it up on there instead. The competition also included all the art students at the university and college so we didnt really think we'd get very far in the competition. Much to our surprise we got into the final 21 designs which was then posted onto Facebook for the public to vote for, the only problem was that this depended on how many friends you made to go on and vote. Unfortunately we didnt win but im pretty happy how far we did get.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Two years on..

So its been nearly two years since ive posted any my work on here. Ever since I left college and started a full time job, I found less and less time to do any work. So now I absolutely hate my job I think its time to start posting some more of my work, building up a portfolio. These are just a couple of my observational drawings I have done.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Experimentation for my FMP

For my FMP I wanted to experiement textures and printing over them, to see which I got the best results with. I used textures such as; cardboard, masking tape, tissue paper, newspaper, magazines and string.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Final Exhibition

This is my final exhibition of four cardboard tiles. I decided to change one of them because I wasnt happy with the result of it so changed it completely to the deep red tile. It is a development of one of my smaller experimentation tiles. I have played around with the composition and added text.

Drawing for FMP

A large amount of my work involved drawing. I did observational drawings in charcoal and ink of landscapes from around Ipswich. These particular drawings are of Westerfield.

Mock up experimentation for FMP

Throughout my FMP I did experimentation. I developed my experimentation further by creating mock ups of what my final pieces could look like. I did this by making 4 small cardboard tiles and two other larger pieces.

Lead in Project

For my Lead - in project I purchased several lino prints. I used textures such as cardboard, sand, fabric and leaves.